It’s Meant to Be – Your Home Basement Office, That is

Remodeling or creating your home basement office space doesn’t need to be complicated. Perhaps you have a corner that can be converted into a dedicated workspace or you’re starting with a completely blank slate. In any case, designing a space you will love to work from is absolutely accomplishable.

basement home office ideas

The Essentials: How to Create a Workspace at Home – Planning Your Home Basement Office

  1. Insulation
  2. Outlet Placement
  3. Wifi Signal and Strength

Before considering the aesthetic profile of your basement home office, it is imperative to first organize it structurally and functionally.


Does your basement also serve as a living or family room? Is there enough separation from the rest of the home? Helpful solutions include using:

  • Rugs (floor above for noise control, floor below for warmth & style)
  • Book shelves for division of room
  • Glass partitions (allows for more light)
  • Heavy fabric curtains
  • Insulating the floor above
  • Solid doors that separate rooms / floors

You’ll also want to properly insulate your basement against the cold to ensure you can still comfortably use your office during cooler / winter months.

Outlet Placement

It’s quite likely you’ll need a series of technological devices to run your business so first reflect on how many electrical outlets will be used for how many devices (computers, photocopiers, etc.). Especially if you have an unfinished basement, you still have flexibility with outlet placement. Outlets should be in key areas like near to your desk. Avoid using electrical power bars because this can lead to power outages and they also look messy when too much is plugged in. Contract an electrician if necessary to ensure you’re business is ready to be truly electrifying.

Wifi Signal and Strength

Check that your laptop or cellphone get proper connection and at full strength while you’re in your basement. If not, consider investing in an extra router or an amplifier / extender to make sure you’re able to operate without technical difficulties.

Invest in the Best! … Desk and Chair

If you’re going to be sitting nearly all day at your desk, it’s wise to purchase a comfortable and ergonomic office chair. Moreover, consider the height of your desk so that you’re not slouching in order to use your keyboard. Your back should be erect and supported. You’re not making money just to spend it at the chiropractor, after all. Make sure you have ample lighting in your office space so that the optometrist isn’t getting a huge cut of your paycheck, either.

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Big Results With Small Office Spaces

Far too often, we’re trying to create a home office space even though we’re missing, well, space. How to make a home office in a small space?, in such a case.

Small basement home office ideas include:


Consider building up! Shelving will be your best friend when placed strategically. You can also get creative and add shelving into your staircase.

Low-profile, sleek, and narrow furniture

Furniture that doesn’t take up too much physical space is key. You want to avoid bulky desks or chairs that take up half the room. In this case, a floating shelf can be used in place of a large desk, especially if you’re working from a laptop. A hole can be cut through it to accommodate wiring (plus, is way more visibly pleasing). Moreover, floating shelves used as desks are very budget-friendly! Foldable desks are also something to consider when you are tight on room.


In a tinier space, it’s easier to feel cluttered or overwhelmed so it’s helpful to use a wall-mounted cabinet for your office supplies or documents that you’re not regularly using.

Wall Colors

A rule of thumb with smaller spaces is to avoid painting the walls dark. This is especially important to consider with basements because they often have lower ceilings. You don’t want to feel as though the entire house is closing in on you so save yourself and use lighter, brighter colors, please!

Keep the decor minimalistic

When your workspace is organized, success is much more possible. For example, is that baby angel trinket really helping you to get work done? Let’s be honest–it’s likely going to clutter your space and gather dust, ultimately hindering your workflow. Thus, prioritize keeping the area minimalistic–i.e. only what’s necessary. Naturally, your office can still have personality and doesn’t need to be super modern or all-white to avoid distractions.

small basement office ideas

Furniture Placement & Decor Ideas

If your basement is equipped with any windows, position your desk underneath to take in some natural light. If not, an alternative is making your basement office home to an array of plants. Studies show that exposure to nature improves our mood and raises serotonin (the feel good hormone). Amazingly, even just looking at a picture of greenery will do! So even if you have a black thumb, you can opt for inspiring garden or jungle themed prints to boost your happiness. 

It’s also quite important to think about how much storage space you’ll need to conduct business smoothly. For example, will you need to store products? These types of storage spaces tend to be bulky, so they’re best placed along the wall or into corners, opening the room’s footprint. While most of us don’t want to entertain the possibility of a flood or fire, they do happen unfortunately. With that, it is always better to think ahead–just in case–with a fire and waterproof filing cabinet. Store pertinent information here such as client files, receipts, and business transactions.

Modern Basement Office Ideas

  • Finish the room with custom art or sculptures
  • Post inspirational quotes
  • Create a walk-out space to an outdoor patio
meeting with clients

Meeting With Clients

Depending on your business, it’s quite possible you may need a dedicated space to meet with clients. If you regularly use your home office for consultations, consider:

  • Investing in a comfortable and stylish couch to accommodate them
  • A large desk where you can sit opposite one another with ease (with one or more chairs, if necessary)
  • Using two modern lounge chairs to face one another and converse
cool basement office ideas
Cool basement home office ideas in Westchester and Putnam NY

Another thoughtful idea (not only for your clients but yourself as well) is to create a space for a coffee station. You can similarly equip this with:

  • Herbal teas (not everyone consumes caffeine)
  • Packaged snacks such as granola bars
  • Bottled water/beverages
  • Fresh fruit

This type of attention to detail goes a long way. Moreover, it may encourage you to take a short break without impacting your workflow as much by going upstairs.

Structural factors to consider when meeting with clients:

  • Putting in a powder room / bathroom (also very helpful for you)
  • Private, client-dedicated entrance (so no one has to awkwardly walk through your house)

Color Schemes

As with any room, it’s crucial to use a color scheme that sets the proper tone. Since you’re likely going to be in your basement home office all day, you want it to be a place you genuinely love to be in. Think about using calming or inspiring colours that you can stand to see on a daily basis.

Brighten the room with

  • White (amplifies natural light)
  • Teal
  • Cheerful yellow

Calm the room with

  • Taupe
  • Coffee tones
  • Green
basement office ideas

By now you can see that working from home doesn’t need to be a bore if you incorporate several of these fun, simple, and creative ideas. We hope you feel confident to exercise your interior design muscles and finally convert that space into the basement home office of your dreams!

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