How to Get a New Bathtub Installed in Westchester

How to Install a New Bathtub in Westchester NY

If you are tired of your old, worn-out, or outdated bathtub, you may be thinking about replacing it with a new one. A new bathtub can make a huge difference in your bathroom, enhancing its appearance, comfort, and functionality.

But installing a new bathtub is not a simple task. It involves a lot of planning, preparation, tools, and skills. It also requires careful attention to detail and safety. If you want to avoid common pitfalls and ensure a smooth installation, you should hire a professional bathtub installation company in Westchester NY.  Get in touch with Simply Built for expert guidance and support PHONE: 914 222 3671

We have the experience and expertise to handle any bathroom remodeling project in Westchester, NY. We have been serving homeowners in Westchester County for over 15 years, delivering quality bath systems that are made in the USA and installed by factory-trained, local professionals.

When you choose Simply Built for your bathtub installation in Westchester, NY, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Stylish Customization Solutions: You can choose from various colors, patterns, accessories, and fixtures to create your dream bathtub.
  • Cost-Effective Pricing and Flexible Financing Options: You can get a free estimate and take advantage of our competitive pricing and financing options that fit your budget.
  • Hassle-Free One Day Bath Remodels: You can avoid the mess and stress of a long renovation and enjoy your new bathtub in no time.
  • Lifetime Warranty: You can have peace of mind knowing that your new bathtub is backed by a lifetime warranty that covers both the product and the installation.

If you are ready to install a new bathtub in Westchester NY, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and schedule a free in-home consultation. Call us at (phone number) or fill out our online form to get started.

What You Need to Know Before Installing a New Bathtub

Installing a new bathtub is not something you can do on a whim. It requires careful planning and preparation to ensure that everything goes smoothly and safely. Here are some things you need to know before installing a new bathtub:

  • Choose Your Tub: Before you begin, measure your current bathtub alcove around the shower walls. This will help you select the right size tub for your space. Keep in mind that most standard bathtubs are 5-feet long and either 30- or 32-inches wide. Your measurement will be slightly less than those numbers because of the shower wall surfaces (tile, shower surround, etc). Choose the size that is closest to your measurement. Next, determine the tub’s drain pipe location. To find out what type of tub you need, face the alcove. The side that holds the drain opening determines what type of tub you need. If the drain opening is on the left side, look for a left drain tub. If it’s on the right, you need a right drain tub.
  • Turn Off the Water: Before tackling the bathtub removal, shut off the water supply to the tub. If your bathroom doesn’t have a separate shutoff valve, turn off the water to the entire house. Test that the water is off by turning on the bathtub faucet. Then, open a valve at a lower level in your home to relieve any remaining pressure in the lines.
  • Remove the Old Tub: To remove the old tub, you need to disconnect it from the drain assembly and separate it from the wall studs. You may need to cut through the caulk that connects the tub and floor before removing the tub. Use a tool designed for tub drain removal to remove the drain flange at the bottom of the tub. Use a screwdriver to disconnect and remove the tub’s waste and overflow valve cover. Remove the tub spout by unscrewing it or prying it off with a pry bar. Use a utility knife to cut through the drywall around the outside edge of the entire surround. Then use a pry bar to pry out the drywall and surround or tiles out of place. Be careful not to damage any pipes or wires behind them! If your tub is acrylic or fiberglass, cut it into pieces with a jigsaw to make it easier to remove. If you want to keep it in one piece, use a jigsaw to cut away the tub flange that’s nailed to the studs then tip up the tub and pull it out with a helper.
  • Install the New Tub: To install the new tub you need to place it on a level and supported surface, install the drain and faucet according to the manufacturer’s instructions and anchor the tub to the wall studs. You may also need to apply silicone caulk or glue to seal the edges of the tub. Before installing the tub measure the alcove and the doorway to make sure the tub will fit. Also test the tub for leaks by filling it with water and running the pump if it has one. Use a tool designed for tub drain installation to attach the drain flange at the bottom of the tub. Use a screwdriver to connect and install the tub’s waste and overflow valve cover. Install the tub spout by screwing it on or attaching it with a setscrew. Use a 2-by-4-inch ledger board to support the edge of the tub that will be against the wall. Place the board along the length of the wall at the height indicated by the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a level to make sure the board is straight, and secure it with nails or screws. Set the tub into place and align it with the ledger board and drain assembly. Check if the tub is level and mark reference lines on the studs using a pencil. Remove the tub and install the stringer along the reference lines using nails or screws. The stringer is another 2-by-4-inch board that will support the back edge of the tub. Set the tub back into place and secure it to the studs using nails or screws through the vertical lip around the outside of it.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing a New Bathtub

Installing a new bathtub can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing or if you don’t follow some basic rules. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when installing a new bathtub:

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  • Not Locking or Using Special Nuts on The Feet: If you choose a footed bathtub, you need to lock or use special nuts on the feet after attaching them to the channel frame. This will prevent them from loosening or shifting over time, which can cause deformation or cracking of the bottom of the tub while it is being used.2
  • Not Leveling The Tub Properly: You need to check if your tub is level both horizontally and vertically before securing it to the wall studs. Use a level tool and adjust accordingly until you achieve ideal levelness.3 You also need to maintain a slight gradient in the direction of the drain so that water can flow properly.4
  • Not Testing The Drain For Leaks: Before finishing your installation, you should test your drain for leaks by pouring some water into it.[5] If you notice any drips or wet spots, you need to tighten or replace any faulty components.[6]
  • Not Using The Right Tools Or Materials: You should use only tools designed for specific tasks such as removing or installing drains, cutting through drywall or acrylic, or anchoring bathtubs.[7] You should also use only materials recommended by manufacturers such as screws, gaskets, caulk, or glue.[8] Using improper tools or materials can damage your bathtub or cause safety hazards.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Bathtub Installation Company in Westchester NY

Installing a new bathtub is not an easy job, but it can be rewarding if done correctly. A new bathtub can improve your bathroom’s appearance, comfort, and functionality, as well as increase your home’s value.

However, if you want to avoid common mistakes and ensure a smooth installation, you should hire a professional bathtub installation company in Westchester NY.

At Simply Built, we have everything you need for your bathtub installation project in Westchester, NY. We have quality bath systems, experienced professionals, fast installation, competitive pricing, flexible financing, and lifetime warranty.

Don’t wait any longer! Contact us today and get ready to enjoy your new bathtub in no time!

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