Make Your Backsplash a Smash With These Bathroom Tile Designs

It’s 2022 and we’ve endured enough unsuspecting changes as it is. However, a bathroom tiling redesign or update is one change that never disappoints. Consider your motivations for remodeling your bathroom. Are you attempting to flip your house and increase the home’s attractiveness and marketability? Does your bathroom just need a little revamping? Perhaps you simply enjoy staying relevant with the current trends. Whatever the impetus, we have several incredible ideas below to assist you in making a statement with your new bathroom tile design.

Bathroom tiling ideas for 2022 and 2023

All White Everything

Sometimes classics are classics for a good reason. An all-white aesthetic is minimalistic, attractive, and—most importantly—easy to maintain and keep sparkling clean. Particularly when one considers their home as an investment, an all-white bathroom ages gracefully, thus maintaining its saleable potential. Moreover, a monochromatic white tile bathroom amplifies natural light, making the area feel spacious, bright, and immaculate. 

Chevron Tile Pattern

If your bathroom is lacking a bit of visual appeal, a chevron tile pattern can add attractiveness and dimension to your floor, wall, or shower. Consider what you would like your focal point to be by drawing attention with this beautiful, modern, and sleek patterning. 

For Added Effect, use: 

  • An interchanging color palette
  • Translucent materials such as glass
  • Varying sizes throughout

Are you Pearlcore?

Excuse me—am I what? You read that correctly: Pearlcore. Pearlcore tiling is the very popular and stunning new bathroom tile design trend using pearly, iridescent materials that add luxury and style to any bathroom

Popular Pearlcore Materials Include:

  • Mother-of-Pearl 
  • Natural gemstones such as opal and moonstone 
  • And pearl (of course)

You don’t need much for pearlescent details to make a huge impact. In fact, oftentimes, less is more. Consider adding these sparkly and earthly elements as edging around mirrors or shower handles, bathroom sink backsplashes, and as inlaid designs. If you need help, ask us for this product here.

Pearlcore tiling in Putnam Valley Bath remodel

Mosaics Aren’t Just for Bohemians

Are you looking for a bathroom tile design that is slightly more artsy and less restricted? Look no further—a mosaic tile spread may be just what you need. Since mosaic tile designs are entirely one-of-a-kind and incredibly versatile, your bathroom will now—essentially—be equipped with a built-in piece of art. And who doesn’t appreciate art, right?

Mosaic tile in Westchester NY Remo

Marble Bathroom Tile Design 

Marble tiling is a luxurious material that fits perfectly with the lifestyle of any professional from Putnam, New York. Marble tiles and slabs are special in that each has its own individual patterns and markings. Not only does marble come in a wide array of colors—such as pink, black, and white—it also brings an earthly element to any bathroom. Its aesthetic is high-end, classic, and visually pleasing. It meshes extremely well with vibrant green plants, giving you the opportunity to create a jungle bathroom haven.

Marble Tile installs in Westchester county simply built

Trending Bathroom Tile Colors and Combinations for New Bathroom Tile Designs

You’re a chic, trendy, and relevant person, so why shouldn’t your bathroom tiling follow suit? 

Currently Trending Tile Colors and Combinations:

  • White and black tiling 
  • Teal 
  • Varying shades of pink, combined with gold detailing 
  • Rust tones 
  • And—interestingly enough—mustard yellow 

Consider that darker colors often make a room feel smaller, so if your bathroom is on the more compact side, it’s best to use lighter shades. If you feel absolutely compelled to use a darker tone in a small-sized loo, an accent wall will more than suffice.  

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No Hexes—Just Hexagon Tiles

Square tiling is kind of, well, square. Entertain going outside the box with an unconventional shape such as hexagon tiles for an eye-catching and unique look. 

Hexagon Tile Designs to Consider:

  • Randomizing placement of 2 or more colors (not sequenced)
  • Ombre design 
  • Monochromatic
  • Hexagon tile floor cut-outs, with wood flooring 
hex bath tile

Corporate has you Stressed Out? Time for a Zen Bathroom 

Start your day off on the right foot (perhaps the left, if you’re controversial) by entering your tranquil Zen bathroom. Zen bathrooms tend to be meditative and calm spaces, decorated by warm, robust colors, stones, and simple plants such as bonsai trees or bamboo. Give yourself the spa-like experience by equipping this bathroom with soft lighting and natural wood to combine with stone tiling.

Popular Stone Tile to use in Zen Bathrooms Include

  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Pebble (often used in a mosaic fashion)
stone tile for zen bathroom remodel Westchester

Matte Finish Tiles

Gone are the days where high-gloss tiles dominate the bathroom scene. Matte finish tiles add an elegant, mature, and gentle tone to any bathroom. These tiles tend to show less scuff marks, smudges, and fingerprints, so they’re great in high-traffic bathrooms or for families. If you’re sensitive to light, these tiles reflect much less thus increasing their calming effect a great choice in new bathroom tile designs trends. 

mate tile in bathroom design Putnam county contractor

Take me to the Next Dimension

Okay, perhaps you won’t exactly be transported to another dimension, but dimensional tiles are a hot bathroom tiling trend for 2022 that will make you feel cutting-edge, stylish, and provocative. These texturized tiles add a popping effect and come in an endless array of patterns for a unique and fashionable bathroom.

By now it’s quite likely that the wheels are heavily turning in your mind for what bathroom design and tiles to select. If you’re not looking to overcomplicate things, then remember to KISS—keep it simple, sweetheart. Simplicity is not overrated, especially with smaller spaces, since they can easily feel cluttered or claustrophobic with too many design factors. As such, larger sized tiles provide a neat and more spacious look. Consider the vibe you’re going for—relaxed, clean, edgy, or modern and use this list as your go-to for top trending ideas.

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