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If you are planning to sell your house or want to give it a modern touch, a basement renovation will give a new air to your home, while increasing your home’s market value. Remodeling the basement has always been a brilliant idea. Don’t let your basement be an ugly, scary place without personality. Today, we share some basement renovation ideas and steps to create useful and well-designed basement spaces for the whole family.

Let’s have some fun!

Understand your layout, collect references pictures and make some sketches

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Do you like working from home? Are you a fan of parties and meetings with friends? Do you have a big family? Answering these questions honestly will solve many subsequent issues, and help you create a real budget in planning your renovation

What do you want to use your basement for? Do you want a gym? A home office? An entertainment center or a guest room? Think about how the space best suits your needs, sketch out your ideas, and figure out the best layout.

For example, you can create a warm basement, with comfortable chairs and a fireplace for the cold seasons. Add recessed lighting to create a simple yet cozy space. Remember to keep an open space to be able to heat the whole place.

Another option would be to design a bar with a beautiful wooden bar, several shelves and high chairs on the other side. Add a small kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom, and make it the perfect space to receive your guests during the holidays!

Look at current trends in design?

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Think about the colors you’d like to see in your basement, accompanied by textures and finishes. As we wrote earlier, having sketches and reference photographs will help a lot in the remodeling process.

For example, have you thought about what you want your walls to look like? You may want to make them look modern, with a fine drywall finish, or maybe exposed columns, walls and brick as an element of design. This finish could give it a rustic and charming touch, it would still be your home, but it would have a vintage European hotel look. If so, you’d simply have to give the walls a lime wash, and that’s it. You can share your renovation ideas with, and we can help you make them a reality!

Which style best matches your vision? Vintage, modern, luxury, trendy?

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By defining a style, it’ll be easier to understand the materials, textures, and colors that will best suit your basement renovation needs.

For example, if you want to achieve an elegant style, think about using wooden floors, an excellent lighting system with dimmer switch to flush or semi-flush ceiling lights and control illumination, monochromatic colors, leather furniture, and a minimalist use of space.

If you’re more artistic, raw textures, a combination of wooden rugs and floors, pieces of art and hanging instruments, and an eccentric choice in the color palette can achieve a creative and expressive finish. A space like this is sure to boost your creativity while spending time in it.

Conclusions and final ideas

  • Seek a balance between functionality and aesthetics. This will help with your budget, as the basement is usually a large space, and renovating it can get expensive.
  • Focus on your needs, thinking about what your home lacks is a good start. What your family needs leads to designing a useful space, but don’t forget that it must also be aesthetically pleasing and well-structured.
  • Creating multipurpose spaces can be a good idea for a larger family. Separate your basement into a children’s playroom, an entertainment hall, a gym, etc.
  • Don’t use the basement for storage only. If that’s your ultimate goal, think about a well distributed basement design where you can have storage space as well as extra separate ambients.
  • Always hire experts for your remodel, at Simply Built, we will help you with additional design ideas and  legal requirements, local permits and technical solutions for problems like  waterproofing, plumbing, air system, etc.
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