Top 10 Tips for Busy Homeowners Planning an Effective Small Kitchen Remodel

Now, you must ask yourself: How can I make my small kitchen remodel look great? What can I do if I only make minor changes to my kitchen? What are the best ways to improve a small kitchen design?

There are several new trends in small kitchen designs. A small kitchen remodel could be the best option for compact houses or second floors to any family home kitchen. Each trend requires a unique approach to remodeling a small kitchen. 

remodeling a small kitchen

It’s common knowledge that working in a small kitchen may be difficult and claustrophobic. So have a good plan to address these issues by ensuring everything fits in place, is crucial. The kitchen must be functional and inviting too.

If you have a little kitchen and need to renovate it but have little time, this article will provide you with 10 recommendations to help you get the job done, Now, let’s speak about some fantastic small kitchen remodel ideas.

Simply Built is a kitchen remodeling company serving Westchester and Putnam County residents for over 15 years, is the source of these suggestions.

1. Select the Best Kitchen Design

Foremost, consider the kitchen’s aesthetics while planning its space layout. Overwhelming yourself and other visitors attempting to use the area with too many equipments and appliances is not what you want to achieve, especially in a cramped kitchen. Instead, go for a kitchen layout that will please you. (like a modern, sleek or luxurious design).

Kitchen remodels in Westchester

Consider factors such as the cabinets, the kitchen island designs, the flooring, the materials used for the countertops, the shelves, and any other aspects of the design that will contribute to a successful outcome in the remodeling of your kitchen. For example, a large tile can make a small room appear larger, especially when you have lots of light from windows, skylights, and other sources.

You can contact us, and we will send you information about the latest kitchen trends in Westchester and Putnam County. Get the help of a Kitchen Designer if you are not familiar with the kitchen design process. It may be beneficial to work with a professional, more info here.

2. Determine the Size of Your Kitchen Based on How It’s Going to be Used

If It’s a small kitchen, the one you’re about to remodel, start by figuring out the size of your countertops and cabinets. Once that is done, it’s time to plan how everything will go.

Make sure your new kitchen is compatible with what you plan to cook. If not, you’ll likely have trouble meeting budget goals and achieving your desired outcome. Consider how many people will use your kitchen daily, how often they access various cooking appliances, and how much storage they will require (kitchens with island kitchens typically require more storage than those without).

Please keep in mind this is a small kitchen remodel, so use the right size appliances for the space. Small appliances can be stored on countertops, while larger ones can go on the floor.

Make an Efficient Kitchen Layout 

Our expert kitchen remodelers in Westchester and Putnam, New York, recommend starting by arranging your kitchen space based on how it will be used. That is the first step to making a small kitchen that is both useful and nice to look at, too.

 small kitchen Remodeler
Small Kitchen Ideas

Use your small kitchen ideas to layout and arrange the appliances in an organized way so that they are easy to access. Separate the space into areas for cooking, eating, and cleaning. 

Now you can continue remodeling your small but beautiful and well-organized new kitchen space.

3. Regardless of the Size of Your Kitchen, Get the Help You’ll Need to Redesign and Build It

If you’re looking for small kitchen remodel ideas, you’ll probably need some help and tips to begin. Experienced contractors like Simply Built can design and execute your kitchen remodel in record time. If you don’t have any experience or access to the right tools and knowledge, completing this kitchen remodeling project on your own will be challenging.

Luckily, plenty of resources available online can help you get started. A professional will help you ensure that your small kitchen is well-designed and well-built.

4. Get the Most Out of Your Small Kitchen Remodel

One of the most important things you can do when remodeling a kitchen is to ensure that every stage of the process is as effective as possible, from design through scheduling and execution! By following these tips, you should be able to achieve significant results while staying within your budget! Do your research and spend some time shopping for the best material for your new kitchen.

5. Make Sure Your Kitchen is Well-ventilated

You are remodeling a small kitchen, but you want to increase the safety of daily cooking simultaneously.

Kitchen Ventilation
Kitchen Ventilation

The next thing you should do is work on the ventilation in your kitchen. Something essential to stop the smell of stale food from permeating the kitchen.  Enough ventilation will help to keep the air in your small kitchen fresh and prevent it from getting too hot or too cold.

6. Get Well Organized During the Remodeling Project

One of the most significant steps in any small kitchen remodel is planning! This means creating a detailed budget and design and then sticking to them! By planning everything out in advance, you can avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your remodel is as effective as possible!

kitchen remodeling project putnan
Simply Built kitchen remodeling project

When planning your small kitchen remodeling project, it’s critical to get organized. It means identifying the tasks that need to be completed for your kitchen to look its best. For example, create a list of things you need to do during the remodeling days. It also could be to move ahead with those special events planned for your kitchen, and plan to avoid any “surprises”.

One of the most significant things to remember during any kitchen remodel is to stay on schedule! This means completing tasks in a timely manner and avoiding delays! By staying on schedule, you can minimize the impact of the remodel on your daily life.

7. Use the Right Fixtures for a Small Kitchen Remodel 

You will need to choose fixtures that suit your remodel’s aim if you want to give your small kitchen a facelift and make it more practical. In this article, we’ll examine the many options available for kitchen fixtures. 

small kitchen remodel  in Putnam Valley

When redecorating a small kitchen, it’s crucial to choose fixtures that complement the new design. To give your kitchen a much more contemporary feel, you’ll want to replace the fixtures with ones made specifically for such makeovers. Designs may range from classic to ultra-modern. Concerning materials; quartz or marble ensure they’ll look at home with any current style. For example, consider the following:

Curtains for Windows: A stylish addition to any kitchen remodel.

Cabinet doors: These are strong and long-lasting options for any kitchen remodeling project.

Countertops: Can be used as fixtures in a kitchen remodel to improve the appearance and function of the room. 

Hard-sided shelves: They’re available in various shapes, sizes, and materials, and they’re ideal for maximizing your kitchen’s capacity.

8. How Do You Pick The Best Lighting for a Small Kitchen?

It might be challenging to choose which sort of lighting is ideal for your kitchen. You may need to employ various light sources depending on your hemispherical space. The sort of lighting used in a small kitchen may influence the atmosphere and aesthetic of the space.

Lighting in the kitchen may be used in several ways. You may use bright and glow-in-the-dark illumination for chores that need visibility, such as cooking or baking, or natural light for tasks that do not require high levels of visibility, such as cleaning.

small kitchen remodel Westchester Ny simplybuilt

Following with more small kitchen remodel ideas, bright light also provides a pleasant glow throughout your kitchen. Dimmable lights offer more flexibility in terms of where and when they are used, and they may be ideal for applications that require less light while still producing a high degree of lighting.

Using fluorescent lights in your small kitchen remodel, may provide more brightness than LED lights while consuming less energy, although they may cast shadows on certain surfaces. If you have a tiny kitchen or don’t want as much light, consider incandescent or CFL bulbs instead.

9. Work With an Expert Remodeler

Work with a professional if you want your kitchen renovation project to provide the best outcome possible. You can’t be expected to handle everything on your own. A skilled professional contractor will handle the plumbing, electrical work, and any other task outside your expertise. If you choose to do everything on your own, you risk using materials of lower quality. 

10. The Top 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Flooring

  1. The first thing you need to do is to decide what kind of flooring you want to have. The options are ceramic tile, laminate, and hardwood. Laminate is the most popular choice, but it has a tendency to crack. It’s also a little expensive. Hardwood is the best choice, but it is the most expensive. Ceramic tile is the least expensive, but it can be very difficult to clean.
kitchen flooring Bedford hills Ny
Choosing your kitchen flooring
  1. One of the most important things to consider when choosing kitchen flooring is the durability of the material. You should select something that is going to last a long time. If you don’t, then you will have to spend more money on replacing it. You can choose a hardwood, laminate, or tile floors, pick the best for your small kitchen remodel needs.
  1. You should also consider how easy it is to clean and maintain. Furthermore, you should pick something that will be easy to clean. You can select a vinyl, wood, or ceramic floor.


Small kitchen remodels are some of the most popular trends in today’s modern homes. It is a trend that will continue to grow as more and more people are moving into smaller homes. The trend is gaining popularity because it offers people new opportunities to create a home that fits their lifestyle and budgets. Small and compact kitchens are becoming more and more popular as well because they offer people the ability to save money on their monthly bills by cooking at home instead of going out for meals or ordering takeout from restaurants.

Creating a kitchen in your home is one of the most important aspects of having a. great home. This is where you can prepare the best meals and host the most memorable parties, so it is imperative to invest in the best quality appliances that will not only look beautiful but also function at their best.

Choosing the right design and using common sense when remodeling is vital to ensure it works for you. By doing this, you may estimate your kitchen remodeling timeline as well as your budget, materials, and firm to hire.

If you want to improve your small kitchen remodel experience, look at our kitchen remodeling services here.

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