Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: What You Need to Know Before You Start

What You Need to Know Before Beginning the Refacing of Your Kitchen Cabinets

A great way to breathe new life into your kitchen’s cabinets is through a technique called refacing. In addition to making your kitchen seem like new, this will help raise your home’s resale value. You should have a concept of what kitchen cabinet refacing entails and the advantages it offers before you begin.

Refacing your kitchen cabinets is an extraordinary way to refresh your space. Because of the increased amount of daylight, the space looks and feels larger than before.

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Similarly, even if your cabinets have seen better days, they may still serve their purpose. One big drawback is that it might be challenging to reface kitchen cabinets. To execute a work properly, you need to devote time, patience, and equipment.

In what ways might refacing your kitchen cabinets improve the value of your home?

It’s a reality that some Westchester homeowners see a significant rise in their home’s value after having their kitchen cabinets refaced. But everything has to be done correctly to accomplish this. First, the procedure of refinishing the cabinets is difficult, and it calls for a great deal of preparation and specialized knowledge. To get started, the previous cabinet doors, drawers, and frames need to be removed.

Before the new cabinets can go in, the old ones must be taken out. In addition, the new hardware is installed at this time. Finally, the walls and shelves have been given a new coat of paint.


If you are contemplating having your kitchen cabinets refaced, it is essential that you understand the benefits that can be obtained. One of the numerous perks you will receive from this work is a new kitchen cabinet design for your home. Additionally, you should consider the type of assistance you will need to finish the task.

Do you Know the Types of Materials for a Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

New kitchen cabinets are one of the best ways to update your home in Putnam County. However, the cost can be high. Refacing your cabinets with new materials like wood, marble, veneer, laminate, or solid wood, is an option if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy new cabinets. These are three of the most popular materials for refacing kitchen cabinets.

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Veneer is a thin layer of wood that is glued to a substrate, such as particleboard or plywood. It is usually less expensive than solid wood, but it is not as durable. Solid wood is a natural material that looks beautiful and also gives off a warm feel to the space. Laminate is a plastic material that is glued to a substrate. It is less expensive than both veneer and solid wood, and it is more durable than veneer.

You may not realize it, but there are many kinds of materials to choose from, so one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is which one to use. Let’s see some examples:

  • Hardwood is relatively inexpensive and has a natural sheen.
  • Maple is also a hardwood that is often used for kitchen cabinet refacing. It is durable, with a smooth finish.
  • Oak is a popular material for kitchen cabinet refacing because it is also very strong, and has a beautiful grain.
  • Cherry is a hardwood that is typically used for kitchen cabinet refacing because it is strong and has a beautiful color.
  • Pine is a soft wood that is not as strong as other woods, but is a good choice for a budget refacing project.
  • Laminated in different styles. It is a less expensive material that is easy to clean and resists stains and scratches.
  • Thermofoil is a type of plastic that is frequently used for kitchen cabinet refacing. It is strong and can be painted to match any color.

Choosing The Best Materials for Your Project

With kitchen cabinet makeovers, you have many options. You can choose to replace all the cabinets, or just some of them. You can also select from a variety of materials, including wood, laminate, thermofoil, and more. The possibilities are endless. However, with so many options comes the challenge of deciding which ones are right for you and your kitchen.

When deciding the materials to use for your kitchen cabinet refacing job, there are several factors to take into consideration. The ratio of price to quality is arguably one of the most crucial considerations. You need to be very certain that you are receiving the most value for your money.

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The layout of your kitchen is yet another factor to think about. Laminates and thermofoil are great options for a modern kitchen. In contrast, if you’re going for a more traditional look in the kitchen, hardwood flooring could be a good option.

For many people, the most important step in refacing kitchen cabinets, is selecting a material that will provide the look you want without breaking the bank. You couldn’t have done a better thing than this. Various materials can be used, each with its set of advantages and disadvantages.

You should also remember; the price of the materials is not the only thing that you need to take into consideration; this is a significant but not the only one. It is essential that the materials be of high quality. If you select a material that is of a lower grade, it will not last as long and will not look as nice as if you had selected a material that was of a better quality.

To summarize, when selecting the best materials for your kitchen cabinet refacing job, there are a few factors you should keep in mind, including:

  • Cost vs. quality
  • The look and feel of your kitchen
  • The appearance that you are aiming for
  • The long-term reliability of the components
  • Ease and convenience of upkeep

What Is the Average Cost of a Kitchen Cabinet Makeover?

The cost of a kitchen cabinet makeover depends on the scale of the project, the materials used, and the contractor you hire. However, on average, a full kitchen cabinet makeover can cost between $2,000 and $10,000. If you only need to replace some cabinets, the cost will be low. If you must replace all the cabinets, the cost will be higher.

The materials you choose will also affect the cost. If you select high-end materials, the cost will be higher. If you choose budget materials, the cost will be lowered. To get an accurate estimate of the cost of your project, make sure to consult a specialist.

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If you need help deciding which materials to use for your kitchen cabinet makeover, or estimating the cost of your project, we can help. We have a team of experienced kitchen remodeling contractors who can help you select the right materials and stay on budget.

What Are the Different Finishing Options Available?

There are different finishing options for cabinets, such as paint, stains, glazes, waterborne UV finish, and stained finish. However, the natural finishes are achieved by using paints or stains to coat the surfaces of the cabinets:

  • Painted Finish: This is a paint finish that is applied to the surface of a cabinet. This option is ideal for those who want a smooth and easy-to-clean surface.
  • Glazed Finish: This option is applied by spraying glaze on the surface of the cabinet. A clear or opaque glaze can be used, depending on what you want to achieve with your design.
  • Waterborne UV Finish: This is a type of finish that uses ultraviolet light to cure the finish. This option provides a durable and glossy finish.
  • Stained Finish: This option is achieved by applying a stain to the surface of the cabinet. This gives the cabinets a natural look and feel.
  • Varnished Finish: This is a clear finish that is applied to the surface of the cabinet. This option provides a durable and glossy finish.
  • Distressed Finish: This is a type of finish that is achieved by applying a distressed look to the surface of the cabinet. This gives the cabinets a rustic and aged expression.

In conclusion, kitchen cabinet refacing can be a great way to update your kitchen without spending a lot of money. You can choose the materials that will best fit your needs and taste, and you will have a brand-new kitchen in no time!

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, we can help you with our team of professionals. We have years of experience working with homeowners and contractors to get the best results possible. Call us today for more information on our services!

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