3 useful tips for a basement remodel

The value of your house is defined by its square footage, in addition to the finishes and design details. But what happens when we want to add extra value to our house and we do not have more space for a remodel? Maybe it’s time to expand your living space into the basement, which allows to be renovated with a lower budget, rather  than investing in an addition to the home.

Basements are very versatile spaces, but sensitive to structural and moisture problems. For this reason, no money should be saved on the quality of the materials and on the new technology applicable to the renovation of the basement.

Renovate that old and forgotten basement and turn it into a living and productive space. Are you ready? This series will teach you 3 important tips for a successful basement remodeling!

1. Make sure you have a dry, crack-free basement.

Closely examine the walls and floor for cracks. Securing the structural integrity of the house is the first step to a successful basement remodel – Be sure not to avoid this step!

Additionally, check for possible mold issues and plumbing leaks. Make any necessary repairs by waterproofing, installing proper drainage, and upgrading damaged or outdated plumbing.

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2. Figure out the layout and timeframes

According to specialty magazine Remodeling, which conducts annual surveys on the subject, renovating the basement of a house is a better investment than adding new sections to a home. It also involves less time and cost, making it easier than a totally new remodel.

When remodeling a basement, it is important to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. By having a layout and understanding your timeframe, it will be much easier to set expectations with your contractor and suppliers. This will, in turn, help you define your budget, as the basement is usually a large space, and renovating it can easily become expensive.

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3. Hire a licensed expert

Skip the local guy with a pick-up truck and hire a professional in the field instead. Because a basement remodel has many variables, the right professional should provide you with guidance in design, industry standards, and any legal hurdles that may need to be overcome in the process. 

In addition, having a licensed expert ensures that all work will be done up to local code requirements, and follow proper building standards.

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Extra tips. Check with your local municipality regarding code compliance, permits, and limitations

  • Understand your local building code compliance
  • Check if you need any permits to begin your basement remodel
  • Ask your local inspector if there are any additional requirements prior to filing your permits
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